The Hume Area Pharmacotherapy Network is in the process of developing a mentor program enabling experienced medical practitioners to share knowledge, expertise and experience with individuals or groups, thereby assisting new prescribers in developing specific skills and knowledge in the field of addiction medicine in the primary care environment.

What can a mentor do for a less-experienced GP?

  • Teach about a specific issue
  • Coach on a particular skill
  • Facilitate growth by sharing resources and networks
  • Challenge to move beyond his or her comfort zone
  • Create a safe learning environment for taking risks
  • Focuses on total development

Benefits to the mentor.

  • recognition as a local expert and leader in this field
  • exposure to fresh perspectives, ideas and approaches
  • extension of their professional development record
  • opportunity to reflect on their own goals and practices
  • development of their personal leadership and coaching styles

Benefits to the GP being mentored.

  • Provides personalised development to address individual learning needs
  • Development of new skills and expertise
  • Access to independent and objective perspectives
  • Improves confidence in dealing with challenges and issues
  • Enhances networking opportunities
  • Drives the mentee to set goals and to strive towards them
  • Refines awareness and insight in the field
  • Increases individual visibility and recognition in the field
  • Helps to clarify and enhance career direction and advancement
  • Provides support during times of change and transition

Mentor relationships may be informal or formal. To register your interest in the forthcoming program, either as a mentor or a mentor, please get in touch using the contact form below.


Are you interested in becoming a mentor or finding a mentor? For more information or to register your interest please use the contact form below.